martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012


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The luxury hotel in Alicante Asia Gardens, the best spa resort in Europe according to the criteria of the most knowledgeable experts, is a 5 star hotel, for the enjoyment of individuals, couple or family. The wide variety of rooms, with areas exceeding 35 square meters, makes this magnificent luxury hotel, a great place to enjoy days off with the family. In this exclusive hotel, the privacy and exclusivity of all the details, always focuses spiritual and
physical enjoyment of most demanding guests. Being a luxury hotel in Spain for families, it is not only pampered to perfection details in the rooms, with equipment ranging from the most sophisticated technology, to the 300 cotton thread sheets on the beds. You have one of the most unique open spaces of the country. Great pools and large gardens where you can, along with your family enjoy unique and private moments. It is part of the identity of this luxury, with a unique identity in Spain, offering the
ultimate luxury to all customers, staying on an individual basis, with or surrounded by his family. The Asia Gardens hotel offers luxury always at its best Asia essence, the hotel for the customer looking for exclusivity and sophistication unique in Spain and Europe.